1. The pistol grip controller is beeping?
Electric Skateboard Australia 1

The controllers 9v battery is low on power and requires replacing.

2. The pistol grip controller is not synced with the board?
Electric Skateboards Australia 1
3. Controller is switched on but no beep was heard?
Electric Skateboard Australia 2
4. The charger indicator light is red?
Electric Skateboards Australia 2
5. The charger indicator light remains green?
Electric Skateboard Australia 3
6. How do I steer my board?
Electric Skateboards Australia 3
7. The Skateboard stopped during operation?
Electric Skateboard Australia 4
8. Can your Skateboards go up hills?
Electric Skateboards Australia 4
9. I can hear the motor spinning but my wheel isn't turning?
Electric Skateboard Australia 5
10. How do I use the brakes on my Skateboard?
Electric Skateboards Australia 5
11. I've noticed under heaving accelerating or breaking I hear and feel my drive belt slipping?
Electric Skateboard Australia 6
12. I have a strong vibration or loud high-pitched noise during your ride?
Electric Skateboards Australia 6
13. I think a bearing is damaged ?
Electric Skateboard Australia 7
14. Can I adjust the trucks to adjust the stiffness?
Electric Skateboards Australia 7
15. I'm not going to be using my skateboard for a while is the battery fine to be left on the board?
Electric Skateboard Australia 8
16. Is the Electric Skateboard board waterproof?
Electric Skateboards Australia 8
17. How fast do the Skateboards go?
Electric Skateboard Australia 9
18. What is the maximum weight that can ride the board?
Electric Skateboards Australia 9


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